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The Beginning, Middle and End

Generally, the set format of any story is the title of my blog. Then be it a reel story, or a real one. There is a beginning, middle, and then an end. But many-a-times, it is not in the same format.

To say it categorically, a beginning is something before which nothing comes., an end is something which is followed by nothing...and middle is the logical outcome of the beginning and potential cause of the end. But many times life can show us the end first, then the middle of the things, and in the end- the beginning. It may sound a paradox. But isn’t life the same? Think of one incident that had changed your life- for the good, bad or neutral. Was it the clich├ęd way?

When we think that life has treated us fairly, and we consider it a fortunate beginning, we realize it was the end! And the middle comes after the end. The middle part includes the discerning process, weighing the pros and cons of things, how it happened, and why. Analyzing all the "middle aspects" of things gradu…