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The Transformation

She soon turned from coal to gold with the touch of her prince, and her life became a fairytale. He ran into her life to pull her out of the woes, to transit the vibrant energy in her, and to realize her that she can shine and outshine.

His love was a catalyst for polarized, intensely emotional reaction that was missing in her till then. She spent the time of her life with him, in an apparent world, which was just the opposite of her virtual life.

She now dared to dream, and more yet, dared to make them true! She defied all the social norms, the maze of ‘principles’ which were filled in her since childhood, and which she choicelessly accepted as one of the essentialities of living…and in the process, very naively, forgot to live. She defied all this and learned to lie, hide and cover up things- this is her newly-learned-wisdom. Just like another Alice has slipped through the glass door and found a new world that she has always been dreaming of.

She opened her eyes, widened them and exper…