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Interesting Outlets You Could Find In and Around Delhi Metro

We all love to hate Delhi Metro. It is like that nagging partner who browbeats us and yet we can’t live without them! Metro gets us crushed, squeezed and sometimes many-a-times terribly late for our office because of “there will be a short delay to this service, we apologize for the inconvenience”. But we Delhiites have made peace with it (because beggars can’t be choosers so #shutup). Well since Metro is our daily love affair, I would like to list few outlets in and around Metro that might come in handy for y’all.

1. Annapurna Sweets – “When life gives you sugar, make sweets” seem to be the motto of Annapurna sweets that make roshogullas, saundesh, milkcakes and more. Their mishit-dahi is to die for. You may get down to Greenpark metro station and walk a little towards Yusuf Sarai market and treat yourself some savories. P.S. : They make yum ‘boondi ka prashad’ on Tuesdays.

2. Cobbler at Greenpark – In all probabilities, once in a while there comes a day in every Delhiites’ life wh…