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Interesting Outlets You Could Find In and Around Delhi Metro

We all love to hate Delhi Metro. It is like that nagging partner who browbeats us and yet we can’t live without them! Metro gets us crushed, squeezed and sometimes many-a-times terribly late for our office because of “there will be a short delay to this service, we apologize for the inconvenience”. But we Delhiites have made peace with it (because beggars can’t be choosers so #shutup). Well since Metro is our daily love affair, I would like to list few outlets in and around Metro that might come in handy for y’all.

1. Annapurna Sweets – “When life gives you sugar, make sweets” seem to be the motto of Annapurna sweets that make roshogullas, saundesh, milkcakes and more. Their mishit-dahi is to die for. You may get down to Greenpark metro station and walk a little towards Yusuf Sarai market and treat yourself some savories. P.S. : They make yum ‘boondi ka prashad’ on Tuesdays.

2. Cobbler at Greenpark – In all probabilities, once in a while there comes a day in every Delhiites’ life when the insane rush at Kashmere Gate shakes your faith in humanity. It’s in those times that your bata sandals would also ditch you. For those unfortunate days, you may get down at Greenpark (take an exit on Yusaf Sarai market road) and you would find a cobbler who will make you stand on your legs again. P.S: He is available on all days from 12:00pm - 7:00 pm.

3. Drools Café & BarDwarka sector 13 metro station has a gem called Drools. It has food and drinks to mesmerize your taste buds. If you are hungry af and are craving for “good food”, check in here for some beer and Mediterranean pizza. If you are going for a birthday party, take a cake from Drools, but don’t eat it by yourself all the way.

4. Washroom – Believe it or not, Janpath is one of the very few metro stations that have a washroom inside the AFC gates! So if your bowels are giving up on you, and you happenstance to pass by Janpath metro station, get down from the train and do your duties without even having to make an exit! #thankmelater

5. SBI Bank – Did you know, Jhilmil station on the Red Line is the only station that has an SBI Bank with locker facility housed inside the outer periphery of metro station. So if you are travelling in that direction, you may want to open a bank account and avail the locker facility.

6. Ananda DairyFaridabad, the Satellite city of Delhi, has one of the newly built metro stations named NHPC. This station has a kiosk called Ananda that keeps variety of flavored milk, dahi, chaach, lassi and few more dairy items. Try their special paneer jalebi for a sugary twist.

7. WH Smith – Can be found across various stations and keeps snacks, books (mainly Chetan Bhagat’s, dontknowhyWTFWTFWTF) and many cute gift items. If you want to pick something for your boss on the way, stop by this at Inderlok, Hauz Khas, Sikanderpur, Barakhamba, Dwarka Sector 21, Pitampur, Rajouri Garden and many more.

8. Archies Gallery Kirti Nagar – If gifts from WH Smith doesn’t cut an eye with you, you may get down at Kirti Nagar on Blue Line. Exit from Gate No. 3 and you will spot an Archies Gallery for all your gifts needs.

9. Croma - Just outside Kailash Colony metro station, you can find a Croma store for all your tech geek needs. If you travel to work in Violet Line, you may want to get down at Kailash Colony and have a look at what Croma has for you.

10. Sahitya Akademi Bookshop – Currently, you can find Sahitya Academy bookshop at 2 stations – Kashmere Gate (at concourse level of elevated section of the station) and the other one at Vishwavidyalaya Metro station. Metro passengers can also avail 15% discount on the books by showing their Delhi Metro Smart Card.

In all probabilities, I may have left out some good options, so please help me to make the list exhaustive :)


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