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What to do When Your Soul Breaks

Some days, you break, and there are pieces of you all over...on the sofa you sat on for three hours doing nothing. On the pillow you dig your head and cried, inside the bathroom where you locked yourself up for half an hour and cried, inside the bathroom where you locked  yourself up for half an hour and wept your heart out. You would also find your pieces in the new dress you bought but never wore. There would be pieces of you in the bookmark that still dangles at the 15th page of your new book.

And what do you do with these pieces? You leave them as they are, and move ahead…becoming hollow and empty in the process.

And it’s only when you are hollow and empty, you are the most vulnerable. Loneliness finds a way in from the crevices of your soul. It’s then you start to feel that someone has taken your form and started living in you. When this happens, it’s time you pick up your pieces and stitch them together.

Ask your loneliness the same question that it is trying to ask from yo…