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Showing posts from June 2, 2011

The Dream I Saw Last Night

You would say, all dreams are subtle and elusive! Still there are few that are vivid in our mind’s eye as we wake up, and evoke strong images from a world that is on the other side of the horizon.

I crossed that horizon and saw a fragment of that world last night- A new world…very fresh and mystical. It reminds me of Samuel Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan where a sacred river ran through measureless caverns and many other images curl up in his dreams.

In mine, neither the sun beamed, nor did the moon casts its rays. It was a grey sky, dull, deep and mystical. Cold breeze was blowing with a magical comfort, and entangled all my hair over my mouth- a ruffled me, walking barefoot in an unruffled garden. It was a weedy pathway with harsh grass, 5-7 inches long. My feet were wet. Everything was damp. Seems this place has witnessed endless rain and storm that has just stopped. I could see water drops still falling from everything- the leaves, trees and flower petals.

I inched closer to the gar…