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The Dream I Saw Last Night

You would say, all dreams are subtle and elusive! Still there are few that are vivid in our mind’s eye as we wake up, and evoke strong images from a world that is on the other side of the horizon.

I crossed that horizon and saw a fragment of that world last night- A new world…very fresh and mystical. It reminds me of Samuel Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan where a sacred river ran through measureless caverns and many other images curl up in his dreams.

In mine, neither the sun beamed, nor did the moon casts its rays. It was a grey sky, dull, deep and mystical. Cold breeze was blowing with a magical comfort, and entangled all my hair over my mouth- a ruffled me, walking barefoot in an unruffled garden. It was a weedy pathway with harsh grass, 5-7 inches long. My feet were wet. Everything was damp. Seems this place has witnessed endless rain and storm that has just stopped. I could see water drops still falling from everything- the leaves, trees and flower petals.

I inched closer to the garden with small steps, somewhat aware of the impending occult experiences. I stood in the middle of the garden- with smoky air, water droplets falling from the hazy sky.

Just then I behold a long, very long, staircase in spiral form that leads to the sky. It casted a unique and mesmerizing spell on me. It looked haunted, enticing and mystique at the same time. I remember clearly, there was something charismatic about that staircase and I continued looking at them. It was huge both in length and breadth- and went straight up in the grey sky. They were curved- and crooked in an unusual style. I was spellbound with its vastness and fell on my knees in a state of revere, when suddenly all the voices of the nature stopped– that of the air, water droplets, waving trees and falling leaves. As if someone has muted the heavenly music abruptly. This diverted my attention from the staircase and put me in a state of SHOCK.

I immediately stood up- frightened, as if I have done a fatal crime by sitting on the ground. And just as I pushed myself up, I could hear the sound of air once again, the rolling of the trees and everything else. In an unusual excitement, I carefully sat on the floor once again and deep silence crept in. I stood up once more and my ears could hear the music again. Sit, music stopped; stand, music on. I did this for a couple of times until I assured that it was me who could start or stop the music- “it was me”.

A flabbergasted me, with wide eyes and wide mouth grew more stunned when a large mirror like maze captured my attention- It is the 3rd phenomenon of my dream and the most intriguing one. Something like a 3D mirror, an electronic gadget – and had a powerful gleam. It was the only bright object in the garden- everything else was a shade of grey.

My feet dragged me closer to the mirror. It was an inexplicable experience looking at the mirror, but I felt that I experienced divinity. It seemed as if the mirror was smiling at me and saying, ‘Relax, everything will be fine’.

I asked, “What mirror is this?” There wasn’t anybody near me, and yet I questioned somebody. Was it an angel guide? I have no clue, but yes, it answered- “It is a special mirror. You can dive into it by touching it. It has the answers for you- some advice that will help you.”

I smiled, the mirror smiled and I stepped ahead to touch it. I once again lifted my head to look at the curved staircase, and then proceeded to dive into the mirror. I touched the shiny mirror and went straight into it. It was an abstract place, perhaps a holy cave, with lots of lights, not bright ones that would dazzle the eyes, but soft light that soothes the soul.

I shrieked, “I…I want the advice…that can help me”.

I looked around and heard a floating voice - “There is no ill-will against you, you are good to go.”

I was delighted to hear the answers - though I wonder if it makes any sense! I moved out of the mirror, satisfied, as though I have been enlightened, as though I have become new.

Just as I step my feet out with radiance on my face, cheeks red with happiness, and gleaming eyes, some 20 feet away precisely at the other corner of this holy mirror, I behold another mirror which puts me in a spell. It is black, devilish and monster-looking. It was yelling and scared me to death. I didn’t want to enter the mirror but something pulled me with my hair, dragged me by my head and took me in. Just when I was crying with fear and wanting to move out, a sly voice yelled, “You can’t be saved, damn there’s so much ill-will against you!”

The next moment I was out of the devil mirror, I can’t recall how I managed to come out. Perspired.

I can relate little to this. The aura of the dream, the gripping and heart-rending atmosphere, the staircase that leads to the sky… or was it heaven? Or hell?

The Holy mirror

Then the Devilish mirror.

And the replies- “You have no ill-will”, “Damn, there is so much ill-will”.

We visualize so much in dreams, most of them have no connections to reality- but some just stay with and poke you to think, re-think and seek… I can’t understand what. This was one such dream.

If it makes some sense to you, even some fragments of it, it can be a beacon for me and I can tread forward…deeper.


  1. It was a clear indication. Very Clear. This whole world is divided into 2 parts. One which is having no ill will against you and other which have ill-will against you. But you always have to focus towards that staircase going to heaven. Nothing else matters, as there will always be supporters and opponents. The time you stood to move towards staircase, the heavenly music starts, and the time you sit down and think ("should I proceed or no") it stops. Hope this will make some sense.

  2. Even I see it this way. You are probably right.
    Don't know why, I but have been (unwillingly) trying to relate it to the things that I'm dealing these days, you know what they are...

    As if, there is a message from God that I need to get, I need to move up the staircase and get that message, despite what good/bad people yell for me.

    Seems your analysis is in the right direction. I need to "get up" and listen to the heavenly music. You know what I mean when I say "I need to get up" :)


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