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Showing posts from November 24, 2011

Beyond the Ruin

When all the pages read lie;
And a faded handwriting, "I will always be there with you!" blurs its origin,
I flip some books and wander few desks,
Where stories of life are never aimlessly authored.

When all the musical rhythms,
Sound cacophonic & transform into silence,
I pick myself up and meander into the wilderness,
Where music enters into me, and then never leaves.

I lift myself up,
From the deep of the sea where I'm forced to drown,
My heart’s devotion,
And become a refugee to rummage that piece of land,
Which isn’t a dwelling of people just one or two,
But ageless towns & villages,
That for devotion, devotion give.
That for love, love bestow,
And fulfil promises they vow.