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Showing posts from July 5, 2011

Office Office

As I enter the boundaries of my office, and see people at their desks, I wonder.

What is it? Some flat faces, some heavy expressions- somewhere it is an enlightened world of laughter, while the next neighbor carries a world of anxiety with him. Few love stories that go along with work, fleeting eye contacts and that momentary bliss!

What is it? Greeted with smiles and eyes delighting, on the other side of the table is back-biting and spiting. Why are we often misinterpreted, and that which should to be told, is often dreaded? Conspiracies fly from desk to desk, and emotions are buried in drawers and chests.

What is it? Some bright looks, some down moods; some opportunities, some threats, we talk about money, ledgers and debts…Why emotions make no sense, why sentiments lie on other side of the fence? Talking Enthusiasts win over hearts, and the Quiets keep thinking, “How do I begin, How to start?”

What is it? Sharing meals at lunch table and eating from their plates, with people we ju…