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As I enter the boundaries of my office, and see people at their desks, I wonder.

What is it? Some flat faces, some heavy expressions- somewhere it is an enlightened world of laughter, while the next neighbor carries a world of anxiety with him. Few love stories that go along with work, fleeting eye contacts and that momentary bliss!

What is it? Greeted with smiles and eyes delighting, on the other side of the table is back-biting and spiting. Why are we often misinterpreted, and that which should to be told, is often dreaded? Conspiracies fly from desk to desk, and emotions are buried in drawers and chests.

What is it? Some bright looks, some down moods; some opportunities, some threats, we talk about money, ledgers and debts…Why emotions make no sense, why sentiments lie on other side of the fence? Talking Enthusiasts win over hearts, and the Quiets keep thinking, “How do I begin, How to start?”

What is it? Sharing meals at lunch table and eating from their plates, with people we just had a debate. Laughing with those who grin at us; greeting those in the staircase, whose follies we never embrace. The bosses whom we so much revere, they never realize it’s a calculated veneer.

As I enter the boundaries of my office, I think, what is it, but another Man Made World?


  1. i think your blog heading answers your question at the last...

    BTW; which clan amongst these do you belong? :)


  2. Puja, thanks for reading the post.

    I belong to many groups- "Quiet keep thinking", "Carrying a world of anxiety with me", "Laughing with those who grin at us"- I'm an intrinsic part of this man-made world :)

  3. "Man-made world"..why not imagine a woman then compare the two...

    "Man or woman.."world is always complete with both these entities..I fail to understand..why..there is so much written and hated about "Man Made world" if at all such a world exists..

    In my opinion, it's more woman made world seldom get a chance or time to think..that they are going to create a MAN MADE WORLD..

    Anyways, what is the definition of this "MAN MADE WORLD"..If this post has been written just for fancy of writing something..which will attract attention and discussion then it is should have a task to teach the world what is this "MAN MADE WORLD" and if this exists why not the women across the Globe devise some plan to get rid of those ugly MAN..

    Let the women of the world live in a world without MAN..mere imagination of a world without MAN can give a fair idea..

  4. Dear Reader,

    Thanks for reading and taking out time to comment :)

    This blog post Office Office was a succinct paragraph to reveal the nitty-gritties of a corporate community, which has absolutely nothing to do with the concept of Man Vs. Woman.

    However, you have brought out a very critical point from the last line...the concept of "Man-Made-World". Thanks for reading it critically :)

    Well, had I known your demographics, I would have been able to explain my point more clearly, though the entire world is affected with the concept of Male Domination in precisely EVERY SPHERE OF LIFE. I hail from India and experience it in every instance.

    You wouldn't deny when I would say that the person who dominates is the one with power. Women are seldom given a chance to experience power. I am naturally not loving it, but a mute observer. We Indians are a sucker for power. In fact, we love power so much that when power comes to a woman, we automatically begin to regard her well too. Goddesses, Female Politicians and Grandmothers in a household with a firm grip on family power - they all get our respect. Anyone else doesn't.

    It is sad indeed, but a reality that the world we live in is a Man-Made-World. And for me, yes I'm a coward to take a step alone and change it :)


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