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Showing posts from February 26, 2012


Where is Peace?
Tell me.
Show me.
Oh yes you are right, inside a pigeon’s cave.

Where is Smile?
Let me see it.
Let me embrace it.
By the silent tears of my eyes.

Where is happiness?
We have to look for it?
All my life is an experiment.

Where is Hope?
Let me keep it.
Let me experience its friendship..
It’s always ready to be friends?
Yep, quite true.
But easy got, easy spent.

Where is the happy sound?
I want to hear it.
Let me experience it.
It’s even here?
Tinkles like a Christmas bell?
Well, a cracked bell never makes sweet sound.

Where is self-reliance?
Lack of Peace, Smile, Happiness & Hope,
Breeds the lack of it!