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What does the viral photo of Unwell Actor Vinod Khanna Teaches us About Life

It was a sad day at Internet yesterday when a viral photo of a terribly ill Vinod Khanna did the rounds. Fans were saddened to see the plight of the actor they once adored on Indian celluloid. But is it just about our fascination with the actor that makes our heart fall into our feet? Or something deeper stirs us inside? 

The picture speaks a lot about the mocking irony of life. It is mostly when we are not ready that life hits us hard in our face. When we look at Vinod Khanna, the charismatic man of Bollywood, the ‘Waada kar le Saajna’ actor who steals our heart with his dance moves and acting skills, and suddenly see a petite man with a lot of experience in his sagging eyes, we realize that if one thing that is constant in life, it is change.
It is not the illness of Vinod Khanna that truly bothers us, but the fear lurking inside all of us. It’s the vulnerability of life that makes our heart melt and we sigh a long breathe. It’s the unpredictability of human body that we happily i…