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Showing posts from June 30, 2011

Your Smell of Tea

Sitting by my bedside,
And watching the TV channel, you often sight,
I thought of you.

My eyes were filled,
And my throat needed something to soothe the lump.
I went to the kitchen and took out the mug,
And while I prepared the tea,
I remembered thee.

Just as I was to take the first sip,
I remembered how you used to do it-
A dash of crushed saunf powder in the end
You loved the aroma, it does extend.

After the tea, I shed a tear or two,
Because it just smelled like you!
Oh! Why did you bid us adieu?


Tired and exhausted,
Of angry faces and frowned foreheads.
Our throats and tears dried up,
He abruptly stopped while trying to speak something...
Drained out of energy, we look in opposite directions,

Then I raised my leaning head,
And asked him, “Why are we fighting? Do you remember?”
“Not exactly”- he murmured, “Do You?”

Sound of Her Soul

Yes, it was a loud bang! She rushed through the long corridors to shut the doors, the windows and draw the curtains. She shut her ears tightly with her hands, and smashed all links with the outer world. But the sound kept increasing, and she struggled to stop it.

It was the sound of her own desires, her wishes and dreams, the most important reason for her existence...the sound of her soul!