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Showing posts from June 3, 2009

The Quiet Has No Place

This is the world of fun, laughter and gaiety. If you don't joke, don't laugh with others, at others, the world will ignore you to the extent of negating your presence.

So whether or not you are a reserved person, for being included in "the group of maximum", you have to talk, dress, walk and speak with them in the way they want. You will have to "be" them- this is my recent observation of a way of living.

But I still remain the same- quiet, reserved, not-so-social with people whom I'm not close to. I don't disclose my secrets to them because I don't want to...I don't talk much with them because I don't find it comfortable- life is to express and not to impress others. So if according to my recent observation, the quiet has no place, I'm happy in my no-man's-land.