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A Mediocre Mind with Mediocre Thoughts

And she does not crave for fancy dresses, Nor for the outdoor trips on Maldives. Visa and credit cards she never fancy in her wallet, ‘coz to her, money lies in familial bliss- The intricate, woven, familial bliss. And adventure in togetherness, Not separated by ‘my personal boundaries’.
And she doesn’t welcome the ‘space and freedom’, That widens, widens and widens… …and drifts away the emotional streaks. And while people start enjoying that space, They forget that it has become a Frankenstein’s Monster.
And she did not crave for a fantastic career, Nor even that gives her a chance overseas, Such bonus and promotions are bane and folly, she opines- When a husband sleeps away from her wife, And a daughter plays with her Barbie doll alone, And a son rides his cycle without his dad’s help.
And she doesn’t enjoy drinking at parties, Neither neat, nor bottle nor pint. The love, closeness and expressions– That’s what she likes to drink.

No wonder, people call her a mediocre! She is a mediocre girl, with m…