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Salman Khan: A Magnetic Appeal

Believe it or not, the best thing about Salman Khan is that he is Salman Khan! You like him or not, you tend to talk about him, read about him and listen to him. Incongrous people, after doing this may say, "What a crap"! But actually they were all ears to him.

My cousin has some inexplicable just-like-that feeling of irritability towards Salman Khan (there are many people that work, behave, and act according to their first atomic thought about people/ situations/ things. Their minds receive impressions which remain intact always. I think my cousin falls in this bracket). She says that somehow she just cannot stand Salman Khan. And LOL, what happened- When Dus Ka Dum trailors came on air, I saw her reading his articles in newspapers, and watching "dum da-dum-da-dum" title song, everytime it came on Sony Entertainment television! On being caught, she said plainly, "What a wacka-cracken"!

Now whatever reasons one may cite, for reasons good or 'according-…

Dus Ka Dum Game Show

No More Crorepati or Paanchvi Paas, Dus Ka Dum- Real Show Of The Real Superstar.
Dus Ka Dum isn’t just another game show. It has split the atom- Courtesy: Salman Khan. This man is the pulse of the show, which is apparent by watching every single episode of the show. He has a tremendous fan following, from the shy and meek to candid and extrovert, youngsters or oldies- many go bonkers on catching a sight of him. Here are few differences that make Dus Ka Dum stand apart from the likes of Kaun Banega Lakhpati, Crorepati, Arabpati, and Are You smarter than a so-and-so Standard.

A. While game shows of the past were more outwardly money oriented, with the host showing off the cheque book in between the telecast, signing lavishly, and handing it over to the contestants, Dus Ka Dum is based more on the pattern of fun, gaiety, love, and affection. No formal show offs!

B. Recent games shows, hosted by some so-called Kings of Bollywood, harps more on your intellect and mental power. While in Dus K…

Auditions Of Dus Ka Dum

Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum Auditions- Ab India sochega percent mein!
I was around 20% too late from the scheduled time to reach at Dus Ka Dum auditions. I was 80-90% nervous, 100% excited, and 60-70% fearful. But needless to say, I was enjoying 100%! I walked in panache, heartily smiling all the way, as if a Princess has landed on earth, with a veil of happiness, robe of joy, and a magic stick that would do things right.
In the long queue, I developed friendship with Gauri, a sweet talkative girl from Ghaziabad. We had an elaborated chat about Salman Khan. After a little chaos outside, we managed to go in. The management was too good to be told in percent. All the participants were given special VIP treatment. We were provided sumptuous meals, and people were all praise for Salman Khan.
Oops! I forgot to carry my snap! But thanks to Sony- they had arranged for the Photostat, and a Photographer for people like me. I posed in the most fashionable style when the photographer told me, “A no…

A Memoir of Agra Trip- To Asha...With Love!

Our journey began with alarm bells, messages beeps and ringtones- different types of wake up calls for sleepy SeFians! The excitement was so huge that even the lazy like me didn't snooze my alarm, and woke up at the first sound. In the entire period of 1 hour- that me, and almost all of us must have got for getting ourselves ready, my cellphone recorded 20 incoming and outgoing calls. All, just to ensure that we are ready, and on time.

Two buses were hired to collect people from all corners of Delhi and Delhi-NCR (We SeFians hog the city!) Mine was the second pick-up point, along with Rahul sir and Bhawna bhabhi. I waited at Inderlok Metro Station, when quiet Ashish came up in the bus. I waved a ba-bye to my bro (thanks to him for dropping me there at 5 in the morning!) and stepped inside ASHA. Aha! Asha comes as a refreshing, hopeful name. That's our mini bus’s name that was actually very mini for us 15 SeFians. Me and Rahul sir looked each other in an unusual kind of bewilder…

Celebrating Birth; Hesitating Death

Congrats the couple, bless the child, distribute sweets, and sing heartily- all these are normal reactions on the birth of a baby. We celebrate the arrival of a new being on earth. And when a body dies, we mourn, we cry, we weep and get depressed. This too, is a genuine reaction for all. If these occurrences happen in our family circle, we are more emotional and intensified. And if it happens with friends and knowns, we express our happiness or grief, (whatever the occasion) and get back to our normal routine. But the point is, why do we always celebrate life, but are hesitant to talk of death? Aren’t both the natural phenomenon?

In a neighborhood, if a birth takes place on a lovely morning, we are happy, and heartily talk about the blessed family. But if a death occurs instead, we tend not to talk about it. Reason? It’s morning time- don’t talk much about dead things at the day’s beginning. Similarly, we may walk straight into the house to meet the new child. But when it comes to deat…