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Dus Ka Dum Game Show

No More Crorepati or Paanchvi Paas, Dus Ka Dum- Real Show Of The Real Superstar.
Dus Ka Dum isn’t just another game show. It has split the atom- Courtesy: Salman Khan. This man is the pulse of the show, which is apparent by watching every single episode of the show. He has a tremendous fan following, from the shy and meek to candid and extrovert, youngsters or oldies- many go bonkers on catching a sight of him. Here are few differences that make Dus Ka Dum stand apart from the likes of Kaun Banega Lakhpati, Crorepati, Arabpati, and Are You smarter than a so-and-so Standard.

A. While game shows of the past were more outwardly money oriented, with the host showing off the cheque book in between the telecast, signing lavishly, and handing it over to the contestants, Dus Ka Dum is based more on the pattern of fun, gaiety, love, and affection. No formal show offs!

B. Recent games shows, hosted by some so-called Kings of Bollywood, harps more on your intellect and mental power. While in Dus Ka Dum, you just have to flaunt your wisdom. Intellect is the accumulation of facts, and Wisdom is the direct result of experience of an individual. Dus Ka Dum deals with realism, not naturalism.

C. To participate in other shows, you have to be prepared. A lot of home-work, and brain storming is involved. "May be they ask a question from this chapter! Or that subject! Lemme give it a quick look!" You might also have to gulp an energy drink to say in confidence, "This is the secret of my energy!" And with Dus Ka Dum, you can wear your heart on your sleeves and go in full tune!

D. All of us need a support in our happy, not-so-happy, and constant times. Dus Ka Dum pattern allows its contestant help at every question. It eases a great portion of tension (if any) from the contestant’s mind. For other game shows, I only remember that either they put a big cross on your Lifeline, indicating, NO MORE HELP NOW! Or the host says "You can cheat from a kid’s notebook." A good source of humiliation for few, eh! In DKD, you have a good margined window- khidki as they call it. Then there is your partner to help you, and the ever-so-supporting Janta, who is allowed to scream to their fullest, and help each and every contestant. What else can one ask for?

E. I wonder if a pappu who is difficult-with-studies or a 12th pass person, or a 18-year-old kid can answer "the largest gland in the human body" or "the chemical reaction of alpha and beta" with any dexterity. Yes a Phd., MA, MBA might! Now look at the Dus Ka Dum format- Be it an MBA, Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, or a Sweeper, Coal Miner or Housewife, anyone can guess, to some accuracy if not full, about the number of Indians who are afraid of a dentist! Clearly, Dus Ka Dum has a wider scope. It encompasses both the masses, and the classes.

As for the USP of DKD host, no words suffice. Watch the show, and find it for yourself. Dus Ka Dum- Mere Saath Nahi Khel, To Kya Khela!


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