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Auditions Of Dus Ka Dum

Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum Auditions- Ab India sochega percent mein!
I was around 20% too late from the scheduled time to reach at Dus Ka Dum auditions. I was 80-90% nervous, 100% excited, and 60-70% fearful. But needless to say, I was enjoying 100%! I walked in panache, heartily smiling all the way, as if a Princess has landed on earth, with a veil of happiness, robe of joy, and a magic stick that would do things right.
In the long queue, I developed friendship with Gauri, a sweet talkative girl from Ghaziabad. We had an elaborated chat about Salman Khan. After a little chaos outside, we managed to go in. The management was too good to be told in percent. All the participants were given special VIP treatment. We were provided sumptuous meals, and people were all praise for Salman Khan.
Oops! I forgot to carry my snap! But thanks to Sony- they had arranged for the Photostat, and a Photographer for people like me. I posed in the most fashionable style when the photographer told me, “A normal pose would do ma’am.” Eh, there I realized I have to control the adrenaline rush a little.

Gauri and me became so nice a friend to each other that our talks became more candid. She started sharing some embarrassing moments of some audition she gave lately. I also opened up some of my silly moments to her. Wink wink! :) We entered he hall, ate 2 samosas each, sipped elaichi tea, and were ready with our documents and I-cards. Then there were guyz from Synergy Adlabs, who escorted us to our respective halls. Luckily, me and Gauri shared the same hall. We filled our book like forms, with little assistance from the modestly helping guys. Then came Siddharth, and gave tips for auditions. I blushed every time he mentioned Salman Khan. My eyes blinked, and heart did pit-a-pat, on the thought of meeting him. While others were preparing a rocking introduction of themselves, I was dreaming of Dus Ka Dum sets- how I would react on meeting Salman, what would I say, will my voice choke or would I scream loudly?! Should I carry something as a token of my respect for him? Or no gift can express my feelings? What would I wear that day? First I decided of wearing Jeans and T. But then I zeroed in on Salwar Kameez. I would epitomize Indian beauty! Then I saw my not-so-beautiful face in the mirror, and thought, I must buy a lovely dress to compensate my looks. When Gauri sreamed “Good luck Vibha” from the other end, I came back to senses. Once again I was in an air conditioned hall, at The Russian Cultural Center, Feroz Shah Road.

We were then sent inside the respective chambers, and were asked to wait. I was all ears to the types of questions been asked. When the manager announced my name, I smiled so large, that my lips went to my ears. My heart in my throat, I went in. I waved a hello to people sitting there. I was asked to introduce myself, and something from inside me said, ”Hi, I’m Salman Khan's fan.” Gosh! Now that was pretty obvious friends. That is why I was there! I realized I had messed up, and to cover it up, I took help from Salman’s photograph that I took with me. I showed it on the camera, and narrated the whole story of how I got it- my precious little gift. They asked me, “How many Indian females would like to be born as a male in their next birth?” Now that didn’t come to me as a shocker. I said plainly, “The number can’t be much. There may be some crazy who would wish that. It may be around 10-20%.” The two judges smiled at my transparency. Then came the bouncer, ”How many men would like to marry a girl who knows cooking?” “Umm..”I said, “70-80%” without much speculation. When this was not enough, they told me to sing a song…Song people!! Me, song?? Yes, why not? Anything for Salman Khan!! I sang, “mere rang mein rangne wali”, in my ever so pathetic voice, and came out smiling. They were happy with my, eh, performance. The girl who was busy writing the marks on paper assured me of getting a call soon. I was on cloud nine… :) And I still am! So what if I’m not selected. Perhaps someone else needed money, and God gave him the chance instead! The best way to stay happy: “If you have cried today, always think that the smile you deserved has been given by God to someone else who really needed it.” Sometimes its excellent to assume things. Three cheers to Salman Khan! :)


  1. nice words of wisdom in d end...:)


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