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Traveling to Office

I feel that I don’t travel to my job, I travel as a part of my job! Can you feel the difference?

My aunt, who is the Branch manager of a reputed Bank in Vasant Kunj, recently said, "If traveling to your job gives you discomfort, your job is not good." She travels a long distance to her Bank, and thus could relate to my pain when I told her, "I get so tired going and coming back from office!"

My new office in Janakpuri has everything so good about it, except that it is not reached easily. Please read my Travel Chronology:

I step out from my Home Sweet Home and take a rickshaw to the bus-stop. From there I take an over-dover super-duper healthy wealthy over-crowded bus to Moti Nagar Metro Station. (This route bus is always so jam-packed that passengers haplessly exchange each other’s CO2…smell their bad odor …my light blue colored pants are almost shaded with tinch of brown and lack with shoe dust…howsoever neat I comb my hair on leaving, my pony leaves it place and goes sometimes to left, sometimes to right…my kajal makes an ugly looking black color on other person’s shirts, et all!) Then it irks even more to wait for the driver to start the bus, when you know that you have a long way to travel!

And eventually, I leave the bus to board the Metro till Janakpuri West, (this is a relief!) and then one more bus! This is how I tiredly reach my office, then sit at my computer and hit the keyboard whole day long. The result is that I have lost weight, got dull complexion and boorish hair. Hope there were an easy route to my office! Near to 4 hours journey daily is leaving me exhausted at the EOD.
I get to see many people everyday…the restless IT employees, excited college-goers, boisterous school kids, tired and poor laborers, anxious vendors, indifferent people, caring humanity, old looking uncles and aunts whose faces reflect life’s dreariness, et all. They depict the bitter and sweet symphonies of life…they depict existence.


  1. What a fight! Truly, traveling in bus during office hrs is really difficult!!

  2. hmmmmmmm....I can understand babie!! Even I had faced almost similar situations wn I was in Elixir...but it was less pathetic then urs! :|


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