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10 Ways to Become a Perfect Indian Bahu

In case you are not aware of the qualities that qualify you for being a perfect bahu in Indian families, here’s your guide. Learn and imbibe them by your heart and earn a badge of Perfect Sanskaari Bahu for free!

1.       Wake up Early

Working professional or a ‘house-wife’ as they say, you MUST wake up early, wear a decent salwar suit with a bindi, sindoor and lipstick and make chai for everyone after doing Durga Maa ki Pooja.

2.       Cook Lavish Food for Everyone

It’s time you realise your superpowers. You aren’t just a woman – you’re a Superwoman. A perfect Indian bahu cooks favorite food for everyone in the family. The cuisine may vary from South Indian to North Indian or even Continental at times, but remember what your mother used to say before your marriage, “Beta, dil ka rasta pet se ho ke jata hai”. Go learn every dish ever known to the mankind.

3.       NEVER ask for the ‘Me-Time’ with your Husband

He is your husband later, and a son and brother first. Don’t act mean and ask for a walk when your husband is sitting with your in-laws. In all probabilities you would earn great respect from your in-laws.

4.       You must have Educational Degrees but no will to work

       Work after marriage is not considered a good virtue if you are planning to become a perfect bahu. This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t earn those educational degrees – you must keep them safe and laminated in a good-quality folder.

5.       Unless it is a Government Job

 Because OMG, government jobs are best for our women.

6.       You should be FAIR. Like, VERY FAIR.

 Both in your demeanor and skin tone. No compromise on this at all. Go buy a Fair 'n' Lovely today.

7.       And long hair is a bonus.

      Short hair won’t win you those extra marks. If you have really long hair, don’t go for a haircut, even if you can’t manage those locks.

8.       Cover your head in the presence of father-in-law

      When sasur ji is in the home, or sasur ji’s brother, friend, neighbor, uncle, you dare not keep your head uncovered. You would probably loose all the marks you have earned till now.

9.       Parties = Family Functions

      What is the fun without family members? Family should be your first love, so whenever the feeling of a crazy booze party with your friends cross your mind, immediately shun the thought, pick out your heavy embroidered saree and get ready to attend tilak ceremony of your husband’s bua ka beta.

10.   Be P.E.R.F.E.C.T in all the things you do

Knitting, sewing, cleaning, cooking, dressing, talking, walking, speaking, sleeping, coughing, sneezing. Just aim for perfection and the day is near when your in-laws would proudly call you a perfect daughter-in-law.

P.S: I hope you understand the true intent of this post.


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